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Press release; 14.10.12

Pongress 2013 launch event this Friday 18th October.                                                  Bringing together ping pong pioneers and party people from around the globe.

A week long programme of ping pong parties and events is launched this Friday 18 October and it blasts off with Future Pong at All Hallows Hall, Easton, Bristol.                     At Future Pong there will be a chance to meet, speak and play with social ping pong pioneers from the length and breadth of the UK as well as across the globe.                        They’ll be futuristic table tennis tables, UV Ping Pong (Tron Pong), DJs, VJs, a pong arcade game, tournaments, and more.                                                                              Very important ping pongers at the event will include Sasha Lord (Comet Ping Pong, Washington DC), Pongathon (London Ping Pong Club) representatives and Toby Lowe (Ping Pong Newcastle and Pongress project producer, 2010 and 2012).

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Press release; 23.9.13

Pongress – the third international congress of ping pong party people is approaching …And it’s coming to Bristol

From Friday, 18 October to Saturday, 26 October 2013, Pongress, an international ping pong event and global gathering, is coming to Bristol.

First held in Berlin in 2010, it went to Newcastle in 2012 and in 2013 it’s Bristol turn to host this table tennis fest with a difference. The week-long programme will include seven evenings of Ping Parties, a cycle ride to some of Bristol’s over 40 outdoors tables, a pub pong crawl and more. DJ’s and Ping Pong party hosts will be coming from as far away as Washington DC as well as closer to home UK cities, including Manchester, Brighton and Newcastle.

Toby Lowe (Newcastle, UK) who was inspired by one of the first ping pong bars, Dr Pong in Berlin, to create and develop Pongress first held in October / November 2010, says:  Pongress 2013 is the Third International Congress of Ping Pong Party People.  It is a celebration of the unifying power of ping pong. It brings joy to a troubled world. You will talk to people you have never met. You will meet your nemesis and fall in love. You will dress up and serve like a champion. This is the spirit of Ping Pong: It is Beer. It is Tunes. It is Table Tennis.”

Quote from Bristol organiser, Nic Ferris ”Kings of Ping and The Ping Pong Parlour took a road trip to Newcastle last year for Pongress, we had a ball (plenty in fact) and ended up suggesting Bristol hosted it this year. We’re dead excited about meeting fellow pongressmen and women and showing off our thriving social ping scene. . bring on the ping pong!”

Event highlights;

  • Launch party; Friday 18th October; All Hallows Hall, Easton. 6 Ping Pong Tables. DJ’s. Bar. A chance for ping pong representatives from pubs and clubs around the world to mingle and ping.
  • Ping Pong Revolution; Saturday 20 October, 2 – 5.30pm; A cycle tour of 10 of the many outdoor tables in Bristol.
  • Ping Pong Newcastle hosted evening; Saturday 20 October, Ping Pong Newcastle is the UK’s original and longest running, social ping pong night. For seven years they’ve blazed a trail of pong glory and are bringing their legendary party to Pongress 2013.
  • “The Ping Effect, The social Impact of Ping Pong”; Talk and discussion; Sunday 20 October, 6 – 7pm, at The Cube Microplex. Andy James (Ping! England, English Ping Pong Association), Toby Lowe (Ping Pong Newcastle, Pongress Creator) and Tim Holtam (Brighton TTC & Ping! Brighton) lead a talk about the social impact of Table Tennis
  • Pongress finale; Saturday 26 October, Creative Common, A Halloween fancy dress spectacular hosted by Kings of Ping including doubles and singles tournaments, other competitive games and free play tables. Also featuring Pongplexed from Brighton.

Evening events are for over 18’s only.  

No advance sale of tickets except for finale event on Saturday, 26October through Bristol Ticket Shop.

For more information visit



Notes to editors

You are invited to send a photographer/reporter to

1)      Bristol Street Ping Pong Championships. At Make Sundays Special – Baldwin Street, Bristol City Centre. Between 12.30 and 1pm, Sunday, 29September. Some of the Bristol people behind this year’s Pongress will be teaming up with Bristol City Council and Bristol and District Table Tennis association to put on these championships.2)

2) Pongress 2013 launch at All Hallows Hall, Easton, BS5 0HH; Friday, 18 October,  from 7pm to 8pm

For more information contact or phone Nic Ferris 07859069486

The people behind Pongress 2013;

  • Toby Lowe, Newcastle
  • Neil Smith, Bristol (the Ping Pong Parlour)
  • Nic Ferris, Bristol (Kings of Ping, Ping! Bristol)
  • James Toft, Bristol
  • Jude Hutchen, Bristol
  • Vicky Lewis, Bristol
  • Andreas and Rosie Thorslund, Bristol

Partners 2013;

  • All Hallows Cooperative (Bristol)
•             The Cube Microplex  (Bristol)
  • Comet Ping Pong (Washington DC)
•             The Duke of York (Bristol)
  • Coexist Gallery, Hamilton House (Bristol)
•             The Farm Pub (Bristol)
  • Creative Common  (Bristol)
•             The Kings Arms (Bristol)
  • Kings of Ping (Bristol)
•             The Ping Pong Parlour (Bristol)
  • Newcastle Ping Pong
  •  Manchester Ping Pong Club
  •  The Red Lion (Bristol)
•             The Stillage (Bristol)
  • Ping! / Sing London (London)
•             The Victoria Park (Bristol)
  • Pongplexed (Brighton)
•             Youth Offenders Institute (London)
  • The Attic Bar (Bristol)

 Thanks to;

  • Comet Ping Pong
  • Out of Hand print company

Past Pongresses;

  • The First International Ping Pong Congress (Pongress) took place in October 2010. Bars from Newcastle, Manchester, London, Berlin  and Washington DC created five days of art, music and vicious German rundlauf (round the table) in the Atelierhof Gallery in Berlin. The vision was to bring together the pioneers of social ping pong to share ideas and inspiration. Each team brought their own rules, music and the artists that inspired them.
  • The Second International Ping Pong Congress took place in Newcastle in 2012. It was made bigger and better. This time, all the original pioneers were joined by the incredible energy of people from New York and Bristol. Together, a seven day festival of ping pong pleasure was created.


Pongress 2013 is being run by volunteers with minimal financial support and any up-front costs paid by the organisers. Visiting organisations and hosts are asked to fund their trip to the UK / Bristol themselves.

Any funds generated from donations or entry fees will go towards event costs and visiting team expenses.

Some financial support is being offered by Comet Ping Pong (Washington DC) to produce a film of the event.

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